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When Is It Time For An Inspection?

Here are some rules to determine when your roof needs inspection:

  • After storms

Anytime a large storm has occurred, you should ensure that your roof is inspected for any possible damage. Due to the hot weather in Arizona during the most part of the year, your roofs should also be inspected after long periods of drought and abnormally high temperatures. This is because such temperatures could dry out and warp the building materials supporting the roof.

  • Before selling or refinancing 

On many occasions, lenders, as well as buyers, are almost precise about wanting an inspection. By having your roof well inspected and any issues fixed, you get to reduce the hassle and time caused by selling or refinancing your home and maintaining the value of your home.

  • Periodic inspections

Since building materials can wear out over time, it is always good to carry out periodic inspections to look for any evident signs of problems. A professional contractor not only spots the problem but also gives out their best to ensure that the roof is back to its original shape and appearance.

Benefits of Regular Roof Inspection in Phoenix

When a professional inspect your house you:

  • Take a step towards ensuring your roof is well maintained
  • Hinder further damage from occurring, which in turn alleviates roof repair costs
  • Enhance the durability of your roof

What Does a Good Inspection Entail?

The point of inspecting a roof is to examine it and the underlying structure. A good roof inspector should look out for these issues:

  • Deteriorated or damaged roof’s exterior and interior, underlayment, and flashing points
  • Ceiling leaks and cracks
  • Broken, missing, or curled tiles or shingles
  • Issues with skylights, fascia, chimneys, and vents as well as gutters and drains

We should be able to:

  • Know what the issues are (if any)
  • The different options to fix them — with cost estimates
  • Tell you how long your roof can still last

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