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Whether you are building a new home for yourself or updating the look of your current one, a primary consideration is the roof and its shape. In Arizona, one popular choice is flat roofing.

What is Flat Roofing?

Despite the name, flat roofing isn’t necessarily flat. It has a slope between 1/4 to 1/2 inch per foot, so it might as well be flat. The roofing system frequently is designed to have one continuous surface and to handle water for short periods of time. They can be built-up using different materials, made of foam, or made of modified bitumen.

Why Flat Roofing


The first point, and considering that it is your home it is perhaps the most important point, is that a flat roof looks modern and aesthetically pleasing. Your home should look as cool as you.


There is no need to give up room in your top story to a pitched roof. You can stand up in the spaces such as attics when your roof is flat, and that can make it easier to use and maintain those places.  There is also the possibility of using the space on the roof for something.


If you hear something on the roof on a pitched roof, you will have to get outside and peer up at your roof from multiple angles to figure out what happened before risking a steep climb. A flat roof is far easier to climb up on and survey from a good vantage point without further fuss.

Design Considerations

This may be more of an advantage for businesses or multi-family homes, but large buildings with a steep pitch add many feet to the height of a building. Local rules may mean that you need to put in a flat roof to keep it within the municipality’s height restrictions.

Ease Of Maintenance And Inspections

It tends to be easier to maintain a flat roof since it’s simple to get up on it and there aren’t any hidden corners. It’s easy to find the problem too, with flat roofs.

Energy Savings

Many of the materials used in flat roofing help lower your energy bill. They reflect light and trap air in the house.

Foam Roofing in Phoenix

Polyurethane might not be the first thing you think of when building a roof, but it is an effective material for the job. It is applied over the substructure as a liquid spray, and it expands as it dries into a single cell. Because it’s one solid block, leaks are rare with this material. It’s water-resistant, so it’s less likely to receive damage from rains. The foam has a high R-value and seals up any possible cracks in the roof’s structure, and this keeps your electricity bill lower.

Walk Decks Phoenix

A possible add-on to your flat roof is a walk deck. These are constructions outside your home that don’t have a roof.  Their floors are often covered in the non-skid coating, and they frequently act more-or-less as patios. Technically, a walk deck doesn’t have to be attached to your house, but they do make excellent additions to buildings. They can be extensions of the roof or be on the roof itself. They provide extra space for lounging around on one of our fine Arizona evenings or serving up dinner to guests who want the best view in the house.

These decks are often made of wood, plastic, or concrete, and you can have built-in furniture or other design elements on yours.

Free Consultation

Flat roofs can be a boon to your house, but they do require expert installation. To make sure yours is done correctly, hire a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company from here in Phoenix, Arizona, such as Ultra Foam Roofing. We provide a free consultation about your options as well as contracting services, so contact us if you are interested in getting a flat roof.

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