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At Ultra Foam Roofing, Phoenix, Arizona, we provide solutions to your roofing needs.

Roofs come in different types. We build and repair foam, tile, shingle, and flat roofs. Prior to doing any work, we shall advise on which roof is suits you best.

Why Flat Roofing For Commercial Buildings

If you are building a commercial building in Arizona, we recommend that you install a flat roof. Why?

Flat roofs offer additional storage space. Depending on the size of your building, you will have hundreds of more square feet to place heavy equipment and anything else you so wish.

Flat roofs are built like the floor structures below. Therefore, they have the structural strength to allow you to add more floors or create an outdoor space like a terrace.

Flat roofs are very durable if expertly constructed. A good builder ensures that drainage, waterproofing, insulation, and fireproofing materials have been laid out by the book. When Ultra Foam Roofing builds your flat roof, rest assured that your roof will have the integrity of the Torre Mayor, a building that does not quake in the face of earthquakes.

Different Flat Roofing Options

  • Single membrane roofs are made of artificial rubber and polymer and are installed as a single membrane
  • Modified bitumen roofs are built using cap sheets that are also made from polymer
  • Built-up roofs are made of impregnated asphalt that contains bitumen.

Commercial Foam Roofing Contractor 

Spray foam roofing involves the spraying of a material, polyurethane, onto your roof. The material solidifies; hence repairs and revitalizes your roof.

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