Commercial New Construction Roofing

Designing and building a new commercial building? One of the most important things to consider is the roof. Because the climate in Arizona can be so harsh, it’s vital that you make the right choice. Whether you’re looking for a traditional tile roof to enhance your building, an affordable asphalt shingle roof, or an insulating foam roof, count on the experts at Ultra Foam Roofing. We offer a full line of commercial new construction roofing services in Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding areas.

Why Ultra Foam Roofing?

Choosing a roofing company for your new construction roof can be a daunting task. After all, you want a company you can rely on, who does exceptional work, and who guarantees the quality of the materials and the installation. For more than two decades, that’s exactly what we’ve provided for countless commercial customers. Our roof installations meet or exceed building regulations, guidelines, and industry standards, and we guarantee that the materials we use and our processes will satisfy you.

Types of Commercial Roofs We Build

Phoenix is home to a number of unique businesses, all housed in equally unique buildings. From traditional southwestern style to sleek, modern buildings, we have the experience it takes to build a proper commercial roof. The roofing materials we use are all of the highest quality, our workmanship is exceptional, and our ongoing services will keep your roof looking good and performing well for years to come. Types of commercial roofs we build include:

  • Foam Roofs: This technological breakthrough roof will keep the hot sun, cold wind, and rain out for a lifetime. Plus, it can help reduce your energy bills by as much as 40% over a standard roof.
  • Tile Roofs: If you’re looking for a traditional roofing material that’s got massive appeal, a tile roof is a good choice. Choose from sand cast, concrete, clay, or slate to enhance your building.
  • Shingle Roofs: Stay within budget while still getting a strong, durable roof with asphalt shingles. They come in a number of colors and styles to suit any commercial building application.

Types of Commercial Properties We Work On

Commercial new construction roofing requires a great deal of planning and experience to get it right. Our team of professional roofers understands what it takes to build a strong, weatherproof, and aesthetically pleasing roof on any type of commercial building. From the initial planning stages to the final construction steps, you can rest assured you’re in good hands. Just a few of the commercial buildings we’ve worked on include:

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Schools and Universities
  • Retail Establishments
  • Restaurants
  • Financial Institutions
  • And More

Commercial New Roof Construction Process

You have a good idea of what type of commercial building you’ll construct based on your needs. During the initial planning stages of your building, it’s vital that you think about the roof. In fact, it’s one of the most important parts of the building so it should be one of the first things you think about. Our team will work with you to determine the proper slope, materials, and construction process to ensure your new roof is as solid as it is beautiful so you can fully enjoy your new building.

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If you’re planning on starting construction on a new commercial building, contact us at Ultra Foam Roofing for a new commercial roof consultation. We’ll help you decide what type of roof is best for your building, what materials are most appropriate, and help you determine an accurate budget for the project. From the moment we first speak, you’ll notice that we truly care about you and your needs and that our new construction commercial roofing services in Phoenix, Arizona are the best around.

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