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If you’re like many Phoenix Homeowners, you may not give much attention to the condition of your roof. However, your roof is your house’s most critical component. Just think about how it’s your roof that keeps water out of your home. Do you need a new roof? Here’s what you need to know about our Phoenix Roof Replacement Services, along with some common signs that it may be time to replace your roof.

What is Residential Roof Replacement? 

A Roof Replacement entails removing everything on a roof. This includes everything down to the roof deck and then installing new felt paper and roof shingles. Roof Replacement can be done regardless of the number of layers of shingles currently on a roof. What’s more, a Roof Replacement can be installed even if reroofing isn’t an option.

When Do You Need a Roof Replacement? 

Some of the “red lights” indicating a Roof Replacement is needed include:

  • Damaged or missing shingles

When walking around the perimeter of your house, look up and see if you notice any damaged or missing shingles. If your roof has not been subjected to weather damage, your shingles should be intact. Do you notice cracks, curls, or detect some granules in your gutters? If so, it may be time for a Roof Replacement.

  • Leaks

Seeing water spots on ceilings can be a sign of a leaking roof. This can suggest that your roof is failing as it no longer keeps water out of your house. Also, be aware of possible signs of water leaks in your home and find the source promptly.

  • Damaged flashing

Another sign indicating you may need to replace your roof is damaged flashing. A reputable roofing contractor can check your roof flashing for any damage signs and decide if you need a Roof Replacement.

  • Feeling weak spots

When walking on your roof, do you find weak spots? If you do, get off immediately and have your roof professionally inspected. Most likely, you’ll need a Roof Replacement as soon as possible.

  • Fading and losing cosmetic appeal

Maybe your roof seems to be functioning fine, yet it just doesn’t look as good as it used to look. Consider that most roofs start to fade over time, so it’s a good idea to get a Roof Replacement.

  • Aging

How old is your roof? If it’s 20 years old or more, consider getting it replaced. By failing to replace your roof, you can be at risk for your roof crumbling on you. If you notice your neighbors, whose homes are about the same age as your home, getting Roof Replacement, then it can suggest that your roof is aging, too. 

Different Types of Roof Replacement in Phoenix

The type of roofing materials generally depends on your location. Tile Roofing: Here in Phoenix, Tile is probably the most popular choice. Consider how Tile is exceptionally energy-efficient and can withstand the intense heat from our Phoenix summers. Keep in mind how Tile Roofing can add curb appeal and holds up exceptionally well even in our challenging hot Arizona climate as well as in intense hail and wind. Foam Roofing: This system is often used for many Phoenix Businesses since it’s highly resistant to harsh UV rays. What’s more, it’s an ideal option for flat roofs because it can protect roofs from water damage. When sprayed on in the liquid form, foam dries solid. This creates an impervious surface. Another perk is that Foam Roofing can lower your energy bill by as much as 10 to 40 percent. Shingle Roofing is another popular Roofing solution for Arizona homeowners. Besides being durable, shingle roofs are also affordable and installed on a wide range of slopes. Our shingle Roofing options include several styles, such as slate, wood shake, architectural/3-dimensional and traditional 3-tab.

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