About Ultra Foam

Ultra Foam Roofing is “family-owned and operated.” Our roofing company is based in the Phoenix metro area. We are a referral-based company with over 20 years of foam roofing experience in central Arizona. At Ultra Foam Roofing, we take great pride in our quality of work and our excellent work ethic. That is why we offer not only free annual inspections, but the best warranty in the business, guaranteeing free repair and free re-roofing if needed.

New Roof Guarantee

Every roof that Ultra Foam installs is unconditionally guaranteed. If your roof happens to fail for any reason due to the product or the installation, we will repair or replace the roof for FREE. With our many years of experience in roofing, we take great pride in making sure that we know what your roof needs BEFORE we install your new roof.

We will ALWAYS perform the installation in the manner that the proposal states and that we have explained to you. All the work performed will meet and usually exceed all regulations, guidelines, and industry standards. That is why we say “Installation with Integrity!”

Free Annual Roof Inspections

The primary cause of roof system failures is the lack of maintenance. Here in Arizona, your biggest hazard to your roof is the sun, so your roof should be checked annually by a certified roofing contractor (like Ultra Foam). Urethane foam needs to be protected from the sun’s UV rays. How do we do that? We use elastomeric coating, an excellent sun block for the foam. Over time, the coating does wear off though.

So, for this reason, foam roofs should be inspected annually. We even will make sure that there is no debris that will restrict water flow when it rains. If you think it is about time now for Ultra Foam to give you a free annual inspection of your roof, contact us for details at 602-710-6454.