Walk Decks in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix walk decks are a great addition to any home, and allow you to enjoy fantastic views from an entirely new perspective. They are perfect for relaxing, entertaining and enjoying the amazing weather that Arizona provides.

Walk decks in Arizona are typically a flat surfaced area on the roof or side of a building, and are generally wood or concrete based. The problem is that if they are not properly coated, their structural integrity could be at risk, and cost you lots of money.

Ultra Foam Roofing offers a fantastic walk deck coating that can be applied over concrete, plywood, or previously coated decks. Our special coating is fully adhered, durable, waterproof and perfect for hot and cold climates.

It will maintain the quality of your walk deck and give you peace of mind. It If you are interested in a walk deck coating, let the professionals at Ultra Foam provide take care of everything for you.

For a free estimate, please call us at 602-710-6454 or use our contact form.

Walkdecks Phoenix